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Committed To Their Success Clients

Julia headshot crop Julia Santos-Solomon, Defining Latin Artist & Interior Designer “As a Platinum client, I have been working very closely with Renee. I have been and continue to be overcoming self imposed boundaries and lifting myself up to the actual vision of who I truly am, and aligning myself with what I want. Huge changes. Fast and furious!

What are YOU worth?

Freeing yourself from undercharging gives you the opportunity to accelerate your income and start living full on! One of the biggest self sabotager is not charging what you’re worth! Why do we do that?

You worry you’re just not worth it!
Someone else is better than you!
No one would pay YOU that!

Your clients are looking for […]

Are YOU Attracting The Wrong Clients?

When I think about what is happening to me in my business and my life, I like to think “what am I attracting today”?  I am a magnet. A magnet for opportunity and potential. But that also means I am a magnet for attracting the exact opposite. (Can’t have one without the other) Whenever […]

3 Top Tips For When Stress Gives You Less!

Yesterday I was sitting with a friend who had an unexpected (and quite valid) personal situation come up that was challenging her finances. She was feeling a bit paralyzed and stressed for sure. She needed to inject her biz with some quick profits. What was most alarming was the only thing she could come […]

My 5 Top tips for accelerating your income!

Money, money money! It’s the most incredible tool of our time! It’s up there with the wheel, fire and steel! It’s the wheel that turns our lives, it’s the fire that keeps us burning to have more in our lives and it’s the strength of steel that builds the framework of our life’s work!

You […]

Do you “THINK” you can be successful?

You can change your level of success just by learning how to re-train your brain! What we think we get! Thoughts plus actions equals results! That’s the Mind + Body of Business! Whatever results you’re getting, whether good, bad or indifferent is all a matter of how you “think” it’s going to happen! Wherever […]

Turning passion into profit!

Do you ever wonder what it would look like for you to do what you love and get paid what you’re worth? 
I meet so many amazing business owners and career builders that work very hard and do an amazing job at what they do!  They offer services and products that increase productivity, efficiency, higher […]

Do You Maximize or Socialize When You Network?

Networking is an interesting process! I say that because sometimes we can get caught up in “meeting” people instead of actually networking. There’s a big difference! It’s really lovely to meet people and learn about them and have a genuine interest in them, but that becomes socializing.

I go to a lot of events, conferences and […]